We love helping children build self-awareness and resilience, helping them do things that they never thought they could. We prioritise working closely with parents/carers. It is imperative we understand the system that the child is a part of in order to assist in the most comprehensive and effective way.

At Riverlands Therapy Services we work with children of all ages. We operate in differing capacities depending on their age, i.e. for younger children we typically work primarily with the parent/carer. We have the utmost respect for a parent/carer who takes the time to engage in therapy with their child, this shows love, commitment and humility. We want the best for you and your child throughout this process.

We help children with a range of issues including

  • anxiety and shyness
  • social skills problems and issues with friendships
  • adjustment to big changes (such as parental separation)
  • identity and self-esteem challenges
  • trauma and grief
  • attachment issues
  • sleep, eating and toileting issues
  • behaviour problems
  • emotion regulation issues incl. self-harm
  • developmental and neurological issues i.e. ASD, ADHD, OCD, Tourette’s Syndrome etc
  • academic and school related issues, i.e. school refusal, procrastination, perfectionism, bullying etc.
  • Screen time limits (link)

We use games, toys, and art with children to make therapy effective and fun. It is our goal to work in partnership with parents, firstly, as you are the centre of your child’s world. We want to get to know you as the parent and learn how the system of your family operates. We want to assist you as well as possible to have the best relationship with your child that you can, even throughout the difficult times of parenting. We tailor our interventions to support your unique goals and circumstances. Where appropriate we work in collaboration with other members of your child’s support network to ensure that change is supported and sustained across all environments that your child is engaged with.

Problems in childhood and adolescence can have a significant impact on a young person’s overall social, emotional and intellectual development. Working with a psychologist can assist children, adolescents, parents and families to develop skills that will support your child’s development into a confident, well-adjusted and resilient young adult.

If you would like to make an appointment or if you have questions about how we might be able to assist your child or family, please contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your concerns further and provide advice about how seeing a child psychologist may assist your child or family to overcome their difficulties.