Wame Gofamodimo

Wame Gofamodimo

BA (Psych) The University of Newcastle 2003, Pod Grad.Dip Bond University, M.Psych Deakin University

Wame provides therapeutic support for adults presenting with complex and chronic mental health difficulties, utilising a variety of evidence based interventions.

Wame enjoys assisting adult clients with a variety of challenges, including complex and chronic mental health difficulties. Kind and personable during appointments, with talent for diffusing high stress situations, Wame is dedicated to optimum client outcomes, communicating with family members and offering resources and information.

As a therapist, Wame is guided by the principles of compassion and respect. She firmly believes in the value of tailoring evidence-based approaches to the needs of an individual and developing a warm and collaborative relationship with her clients.

Wame’s interests lie in the areas of trauma, depression, as well as anxiety disorders, stress, work related issues and relationship difficulties.

Wame’s psychology background and work experience have provided her with broad knowledge of cultural awareness and relationship skills that has enabled her to approach individuals and families from different backgrounds with a high level of respect, being sensitive to their presenting issues, social capacity, historical background, and family/individual dynamics. Wame always prioritizes client engagement and rapport building skills.

Offering client-focused practice style that emphasises well-being and autonomy, Wame demonstrates strong rapport building with clients while maintaining appropriate boundaries. While Wame’s resume and credentials attest to her professional qualifications, she offers resilience, integrity, flexibility and passion to attain optimum individual health and recovery for her clients. She is also committed to continual learning and staying abreast with new advances in psychology.

Wame is available at Riverlands Blaxland Mondays and Fridays, Penrith on Wednesdays.