Patrick Pham

Patrick Pham

Registered Psychologist (Clinical Psychology Registrar)
MPsych (Clin),  BPsych (Hons)  I  Reg No: PSY0002031154

Patrick has experience working with clients of all ages and backgrounds, including children, adolescents, and adults. Areas of interest include using a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy framework through a holistic and systemic approach to address mood and anxiety disorders, complex presentations as well as psychometric testing and assessments.

Patrick enjoys working with clients of all ages and backgrounds with anxiety, mood disorders or other complex presentations. He is a firm believer of tailoring treatment to the individual needs of the client after a comprehensive assessment. His therapy approach is predominately Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) but blends in elements of Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Dialectic Behavioural Therapy, and Schema Therapy to ensure his clients have skills needed on their journey to recovery.

Patrick uses analogies and everyday language to help break down complicated psychotherapy concepts, so his clients can walk away with not only an understanding of their presentation but also the ability to communicate with those around them about their presentation and journey of recovery if they choose to do so.

Patrick’s interest in psychology began at a young age when he noticed a significant gap in mental health services within his community. He began his journey into psychology with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at Western Sydney University. To further build on his knowledge and develop his clinical skills in mental health, Patrick went on to complete a Master of Clinical Psychology.

Patrick has experience working with problem gambling disorders in a non-government and research clinic setting. At South Coast Private, Patrick worked with adults from a civilian, emergency services and defence force background within a private hospital setting. Patrick has also had the opportunity to work with children, adolescents and their families within the public sector at Child Youth Mental Health Services in Penrith.
Having worked both in the public and private sector, Patrick is a firm believer in the holistic view of mental health recovery which encourages working collaboratively with the health professionals in a client’s background to achieve the best possible results for the client.

Patrick is also experienced in providing psychometric testing and assessments for both children and adults.

Outside of work, Patrick spends his time mostly outdoors, hiking, rock climbing, surfing, snowboarding or at the driving range trying to perfect his golf swing.

Patrick works in Blaxland on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and has the capacity to provide some after-hours appointments to his clients.