Kristy Jane (currently on leave)

Kristy Jane (currently on leave)

Kristy has 10 years’ experience working with children, adolescents and adults in various settings including private practice, rehabilitation and hospital mental health.

Kristy has completed a Master of Psychology (Clinical) and Bachelor of Science (Psychology) Honours.

Her experience includes women’s drug and alcohol recovery, working with women and their families. She is an esteemed group facilitator and has conducted educational groups at schools for adolescents on topics including resilience building and anxiety-stress management. She has also facilitated groups for adults with mood disorders, depression and anxiety. She has a thorough understanding of pharmacology and can provide support and information for individuals prescribed medications for their mental illness. She is also experienced at conducting psychometric testing and finds the testing process to be very beneficial in uncovering answers particularly in situations where there may be ambiguity surrounding a clinical diagnosis.

Kristy has a calm nature and uses a positive psychological approach with her clients. In identifying each person’s uniqueness, she assists her clients to realise how mental illness can often provide an opportunity to learn about themselves and grow as individuals. She focuses on removing any stigma associated with a clients’ diagnosis and gently supports them in developing and maintaining their treatment goals.

Treatment is tailored to the client, using evidence-based techniques within a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy framework.

Kristy has an interest in:

⁃ Meditation and Mindfulness
⁃ Attachment Theory: the role early parent-child interaction plays in shaping behaviour
⁃ Family of Origin work and Circle of Security
⁃ Lifestyle adjustments for well being: sleep hygiene, screen/social media management, diet/nutrition
⁃ Spirituality and Mental Health
⁃ Complimentary approaches to support treatment and symptomatic recovery such as art therapy, sound/music therapy

Kristy works at Blaxland on Monday’s and predominately works with children and adolescents. She is also available to work with adults.