Jo Berriman

Jo Berriman

Joanne is a Clinical Neuropsychologist, delivering neuropsychological assessment services for children and adults. Joanne has always had an interest in the brain and its impact upon human behaviour and cognition, enjoying her interactions with clients, showing compassion and empathy.

Joanne has always had an interest in the brain and its impact upon human behaviour and cognition. As part of the Riverlands Therapy Services team, Joanne provides neuropsychological assessment services for children and adults whilst showing compassion and empathy. She has extensive experience working directly with children and adults and has demonstrated the ability to quickly identify and understand the client’s concerns. Joanne provides assistance and guidance to children, adolescents and adults by offering empirically validated education, strategies, and behavioural interventions that help in managing cognitive and behavioural concerns.

Neuropsychological assessment involves undertaking a clinical interview with the client and/or family to obtain relevant background information, using reliable and well-validated psychometric measures which have been developed to assess specific cognitive functions, presenting the results of the testing to the clients in a meaningful way during a feedback session, presenting the results in a detailed report, and providing strategies to assist with any identified difficulties. Joanne believes that many factors can impact upon the day to day functioning of individuals including poor sleep hygiene, mood disorders, diet, and previous and current stressors in the home and/or school environment. These factors can impact the optimal functioning of the brain, which in turn can impact how individuals cope in the learning and work environment.

Joanne attended Macquarie University, completing her Psychology Honours Degree followed by a Master’s Degree in Clinical Neuropsychology. During this time, she completed over 1000 hours of clinical placements working with a variety of patients with acquired brain injuries, neurodegenerative brain disorders, and neurodevelopmental disorders. She commenced working as a Clinical Neuropsychology Registrar in August 2017.

In addition to her private practice work with Riverlands Therapy Services, Joanne is a Clinical Neuropsychology Registrar at Royal Far West, Manly, as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Joanne’s role involves providing cognitive assessments and behavioural interventions for children, identifying the emotional and practical needs of the immediate family, and finding the appropriate referral pathway if required.

These clients may present with a history of complex trauma, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning difficulties, neurodevelopmental disorders, and intellectual impairment. Joanne also works in private practice on the Northern Beaches, providing cognitive assessments for children, adolescents and adults to assist with the diagnosis of ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, mood difficulties, and learning disorders.

Prior to working as a Clinical Neuropsychologist, Joanne was a Registered Nurse for over 30 years, predominantly in NSW Hospital Emergency Departments.

Joanne works at Blaxland on Mondays